infierivano sulla stessa parola

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    Hi to all,

    Can anyone help with the translation of the verb 'infierire'? In the book that I am reading the narrator is discussing the defacement/vandalism/graffiti found in library books, when he uses the following phrase:

    'infierivano sulla stessa parola per migliaia di pagine'

    My attempt:
    1. they kept writing the same word over thousands of pages (?)

    Many thanks
  2. Matrap

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    As far as I understand it's not about writing the same word, but it's as if they look for that specific word throughout the pages and then (maybe) they erase/scribble on/cut it. Am I right? You know the context better than us...
  3. debi79 New Member

    Ciao! Si e' vero, infierire significa quasi "colpire" sempre la stessa parola. Da quanto dici sopra, direi che vandalizzano sempre la stessa parola, e come ha detto Matrap, potrebbe essere che la cancellano o scarabocchiano o tagliano per migliaia di pagine. Spero che ti aiuti!
  4. underhouse Senior Member

    Well, infierire means to insist in a cruel way like when, for example, a team is already winning 3-0 and keep scoring the fourth and then the fifth goal etc.

    In your sentence, it seems to me that someone is changing the spelling of the same word (or doing something else like deleting it) which recurs over thousonds of pages in the same text.

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