Infinitive+nominative case


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I meet with construction Subject Verb Object(new story creator) Verb(infinitive)
I say you to come here

Firstly I would like to analyze it(it is necessery for my question)
I say you(dative case) to come

I would like to ask if it is possible to use this construction,when Object is in Nominative case
I discovered that island is empty. - it is OK(i think) (no that construction yet)
and I would like to ask if following one is corect (this is my question)
I discovered island to be empty

(question once again because I am not good in explaining
I discovered that island is empty = I discovered island to be empty ????)

Thanks you
  • Biffo

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    I discovered that the island was empty. :tick:

    I discovered the island to be empty

    Both of the above are correct and have the same meaning.

    I hope this answers your question :)

    You are confusing 'say' and 'tell'
    You could say "I told you to come" or "I'm telling you to come"
    If you are not certain about this maybe you should start a new thread about it.


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    and please
    is it some rule or i can use it at every sentences which is in format
    Subject Verb Object(nominativ) infinitive

    in () is meaning

    I think England to be best coutry at the world. (i think that england is the best country at the world)
    I hope England to win football World cup in 2016. (i hope that england will win ....)
    I signed England to be best coutry at the world. (I signed about england, that it is the best county...)
    I promise him to help you. (i promise you that he will help you (he is my son and i offered him to help you(i dont promise to him,but i promise him like slave to you)))

    or can i use this format only by specific verbs?
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