inflection of appositives ("President Obama", etc.)

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  1. Gavril Senior Member

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    In the Magyar translations of the sentences below, how would the highlighted phrases be translated? I.e., would each word in the phrase be inflected separately for case, or only the head word?

    I saw President Obama on the news yesterday.

    I don't use the word "mennyiségtan" very often.

    He likes the soccer player János Kovács.

  2. Olivier0 Senior Member

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    Only the last word is inflected: Obama elnököt, a „mennyiségtan” szót, Kovács János labdarúgót. That is because the part before the last word is a qualifier, similar to an adjective az amerikai elnököt.
    But the situation is different if both parts are considered at the same level and not qualifier+qualified: for instance at the end of the prayer "Hail Mary", "pray for us sinners" is imádkozzál ér(et)tünk, bűnösökért (note the comma).
    -- Olivier
  3. franknagy

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    And note the word order:

    Találkoztam Obama elnökkel és Ford elnökkel, amikor Washingtonban jártam. 1. adjective -nil- 2. noun.
    Két amerikai elnökkel, Obamával és Forddal találkoztam, amikor Washingtonban jártam. 1. noun -comma- 2. adjective.

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