inform therapeutic strategies

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Does "inform therapeutic strategies" mean "offer information for therapeutic strategies"? Could it be written as "shed light on therapeutic strategies"? What is the nuance then?

In humans, BAT had been thought to exist only in infants, until imaging studies revealed deposits of thermogenic brown fat in adults10. Clstn3b is expressed in human adipose tissue, and might be involved in the regulation of BAT innervation, as it is in mice. Zeng and colleagues’ study might therefore inform therapeutic strategies to enhance sympathetic innervation, and thereby harness the thermogenic potential of BAT to combat obesity and its metabolic consequences.

Source: nature 01 MAY 2019
Why brown fat has a lot of nerve
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    It does not mean "shed light on", but provide information to assist with. Therapeutic strategies can be developed that make use of this information, or existing strategies can be modified by making use of the information.
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