informal settlement


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The quotation comes from Nairobi’s female slum dwellers march for sanitation and land rights | Mark Anderson

Quotation: Marching in the shadows of skyscrapers in Kenya’s most prominent financial district, a group of slum dwellers force cars to a standstill as they protest against the slow government response to their legal action for improved sanitation and land rights.

About 100 female residents of Mukuru, an informal settlement in south-east Nairobi, travelled across town to wave signs and sing songs in a bid to grasp the attention of a government that has for decades failed to recognise their existence.
Hi everyone! What is "informal settlement"?
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    Settlement in this case means, "a small community, village, or group of houses in a thinly populated area" or "a colony, esp. in its early stages" (WR Dictionary for both of those).

    Informal suggests that this settlement is not recognized by the government, it's been set up recently and quickly by the residents, its borders or its residents are in flux, or something of this nature.
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