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I'm writing some essays to U.S. universities and I have some doubts.

In the situation below, "information obtaind" makes any sense? or do I have to put "infotmation acquired"?

My main research interest is in the field of applied geophysics, where I would like to work with the seismic method. I want to learn more about the process of seismic data acquisition, processing and interpretation and, if possible, make an association with other geophysical methods, for example, with the magnetometry, gravimetry or electromagnetrometry. This way I can complement the information obtained or bring more information about the area of study.
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    To be honest there are too many other issues in your sentence to be certain I understand what you mean, but I would suggest "existing knowledge" instead of "information obtained/acquired".


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    It isn't clear what you mean by "the information obtained". This is very vague. Which is the "information " and who has "obtained" it?


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    ok. I will apply the seismic method in the area of study, but sometimes we need other methods to complement the information that the seismic method give us. When I write "the information obtained", I am talking about the information obtained of the seismic method.
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