informations ou renseignements?

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    What is the actual difference between the meaning/usage of these two words? I have a feeling that "information" refers more to general information in a public sense while "renseignements" refers to more facts about a person or event that they have found out about. I could be wrong however. Merci bien!
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    Good question Sem. I think you have hit the nail on the head. "renseignements" really has no "one word" English translation. It seems (to me) to be the information contained in investigation or police reports, or "background" checking, or information gathered from research. Maybe a native french speaker can clarify.

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    You got it absolutely right Semiller.
    Reality is not so strict though. For instance, information can often (if not always) be used instead of renseignement, the opposite is not true.

    Les renseignements = directory enquiry/assistance
    Les Renseignements Généraux (RG) = name of the French domestic intelligence service
    Les informations = the news on TV
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    Je peux vous demander un renseignement ?:tick:

    Je peux vous demander une information ?:cross:
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    Merci tout le monde!

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