infradotación hídrica

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    En condiciones de escasez hídrica y altos precios del agua, RDI es más rentable que satisfacer las necesidades máximas del cultivo e incluso que la infradotación hídrica en base a la experiencia local.

    So far, I've translated this as:
    Under drought conditions and with high water prices, RDI is more profitable than satisfying maximum crop water requirements and even more than infradotación hídrica based on local experience.

    But I can't find or think of a translation for 'infradotación hídrica'.
    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Boogiebruva New Member

    I've gone for 'and even more than when the crop is under-watered based on local experience'. I'd appreciate any better ideas. Is 'under-watered' supposed to be hyphenated?

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