infringe on rights

Barbara S.

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"He felt his rights had been infringed on by the protests." I'm trying to translate this into Spanish. Is there a better word than "violado"? In English to violate someone's rights is stronger than to infringe on them.

Sintió que sus derechos han sido violado por el plantón.
  • Aquileo

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    I don't know another translation of rights, but let me change that a little:

    (¿se?) Sintió que sus derechos habían sido violados por el plantón.

    Sorry to be so anal about it :) I realize that doesn't help you one bit with the translation.


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    I'd say "Él opinó (or: pensó) que sus derechos fueron vulnerados (or: pisoteados)".

    The reason I specifically use "thinking" rather than "feeling" here is that "sentir que (algo es algo)" is typically understood as "to be sorry (about something being something)"...

    Edited to add: if you really prefer to express a "felt impression" you could also use "Él tuvo la sensación [...]", instead.


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    Mexican Spanish
    Sorry, I would say:

    El consideró que la protesta vulneraba sus derechos...
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