Ingrassaggio Satellite

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Ingrassaggio Satellite

I am trying to translate "Ingrassaggio Satellite" from an Italian parts manual for a cargo loader. It is in the section for a differential axle reducer.

My guess would be "oiler gear" ... any help would be much appreciated. I don't actually know Italian, so Inglese only please!

Write the sentence also in the first post, not only in the title
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    Hello synergy_advaita!

    A differential axle reducer has always an axle shaft, a bevel gear [pinion/crown] and a differential [satellite and planetary].

    Let me propose "satellite greasing/lubrication".


    Unfortunately, it's from a parts manual so it is just numbers and brief descriptions. They barely even use prepositions.

    Oh jeez, I think it might be a typo. It looks a lot like a spur gear, I'm thinking they wrote "ingrassagio" instead of "ingranaggio".

    Are you sure it is "ingrassaggio"? Could it be "ingranaggio"? In this case it is "satellite gear".
    I believe so - it looks exactly like what comes up when I Google "spur gear". I've included the pic from the manual.


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