Ingreso Patrones y Capitales

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    Hello all,

    I am looking at a National Development Plan which is describing a certain population and their per capita income. There are two categories that I don't understand.

    It describes "Ingreso Laboral" which it divides into 3 categories. "Ingreso asalariados, ingreso cuentapropistas, and ingreso patrones." I understand asalariados (salaries) and cuentapropista (self-employed) but what are Ingreso Patrones? Income from a "Patron"

    Under Ingreso no Laboral is Jubilaciones y pensiones, ingreso por capitales, y ingreso por transferencias. I understand the first and last but am unclear about Ingreso por Capitales. Is that income from interest or income from investments?

    Any help is much appreciated.
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    See here to tell the difference between "cuentapropista and patrones":
    An idea: Cuentapropista would be a freelancer, the other one a "sole trader."

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