ingresos y egresos

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    What would be the english for what on a balance sheet reads "ingresos y egresos"

    Sample sentence:
    Los ingresos y egresos de la compañía se ven reflejandos en el balance.

  2. chaves Senior Member

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    egresos: expenditures, outlays, disbursements

    ingresos: income
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    Expenditure se escribe sin s
    Tambien se dice outgoings.
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    thanks! :)
    now, what about "revenue" for ingresos?
  5. beardouk Senior Member

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    income and expenditure
  6. cirrus

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    On my annual report at work we put in the revenue and expenditure account to show a summary of our accounts for the year. For me income and revenue mean the same thing.
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    Thank you all. You've been very helpful :)
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    quick commment: an accountant here tells me there is a difference between income and revenue.
    Income is used, for instance, $ resulting from interests and/or deposits are added to your account, whereas revenue is used only for $ resulting from sales....

    just thought it usefull to share...
  9. cirrus

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    Just shows I work in the public sector doesn't it!
  10. xmal Member

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    i don't know... does it? ;)
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    Thanks for all the support that you have given me.
  12. Sherlockat

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    revenue and expenses

    Difference between REVENUE and INCOME (in a accounting context)

    Income: money earned during an accounting period that results in an increase in total assets; excess of revenues over expenses and losses for an accounting period (i.e., net income).

    Revenue: increase in the assets of an organization or the decrease in liabilities during an accounting period, primarily from the organization's operating activities. This may include sales of products (SALES), rendering of services (revenues), and earnings from interest, dividends, lease income, and royalties.
    [Terms cited from ISBN ISBN 0-7641-1259-7 Book]

    However, as per IAS 18 REVENUE (International Accounting Standard), says clearly:

    Revenue is the gross inflow of economic benefits during the period arising in the course of the ordinary activities of an entity when those inflows result in increases in equity, other than increases relating to contributions from equity participants.

    IN PLAIN ENGLISH, it would be: the definition of income encompasses both revenue and gains. Under IFRS there is not difference any more.

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