Inhabit the fuck out of that moment


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můžete mi poradit, co prosím znamená výše uvedená část věty (inhabit the fuck out of that moment) v následujícím kontextu?

7 Ways to Survive Life With a Newborn and No Family Support
Without a babysitter, you have to make your own breaks.
Whatever self-care means to you, do it every day. Take an extra five minutes in the shower. Wear headphones and blast your favorite song while you close your eyes and imagine you’re in a club, having a really trippy night. Go window shopping with the pram, or gaze at tree branches against the sky. Put the baby in a sling and make brownies. The key is to choose one tiny thing which will make you happy and inhabit the fuck out of that moment. It sounds insane, but when you have no support, survival becomes an art-form.

Děkuji za odpověď. Jinak přehled toho ostatního textu nepotřebuji, stačí pouzr ta část věty. Ještě jednou děkuji.
  • Hello. For ex. Shut the hell up → Držte sakra hubu

    You 'intensify' the meaning. Going through a 'phrasal verbs list', the hell & the fuck sometimes go 'in the middle'

    You're the one who's coming the hell down here and facing me like a man.”​
    Hey, turn it down. Carter! Hey, Carter! Turn it—yeah, turn it the fuck down, will ya!”​
    You need to back the fuck up. Can't you see she don't want to be bothered?”​

    Yours works the same. A variation of 'live in the moment' (žijte okamžikem) & °enjoy the fuck out of... ('a lot' & 'completely')

    Similar to Fuck yes, enjoy all of it! in other languages. You may find more examples in English Only (Goo).
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    . . .a (zatraceně) kurevsky si ten okamžik (tu chvíli) vychutnat.
    . . .a prožít daný okamžik na (skurvený) maximum.

    to inhabit the fuck out of that moment

    to inhabit that moment = to live in that moment / to be present in that moment (not just with your body but also with your mind/spirit) / to savor that moment as it happens. . .

    the fuck out of = to a great degree, very much, greatly, totally, fully. . .