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    Hello. I am doing a translation project and I am having trouble finding the term "inicio lateral". The context is as follows: Las cinco excepciones observadas incluyeron un inicio lateral en 1994 y cuatro periodos asociados con guerras: el gasto militar en Vietnam retrasó la tendencia alcista que inició en 1966.
    I have the following but I am not sure how accurate it is.
    The five exceptions that were observed included a lateral initiation in 1994 and four periods associated with wars: military spending in Vietnam delayed the uptrend that started in 1966.
    I am almost sure that lateral initiation has something to do with the NAFTA agreement signed in 1994 but I need an equivalent term. I appreciate any help on this. Thank you.
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    Hola James:

    In my view, the term "inicio lateral", in a stock market language, is an abbreviated way to refer to "inicio de un movimiento lateral".

    Please see the following definition for "movimiento lateral":


    The aforementioned term is known in Englsih as "sideways movement".

    Please take a look at the following definition of "sideways movement":


    Therefore and in light of the above, I'd suggest you to translate "inicio lateral"/"inicio de un movimiento lateral" as "sideways movement beginning".

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    Thank you, oh so very much for the help with that one. I had a feeling eventually that it was "sideways movement" but had no way of confirming. Again, Thank you very much. Cheers!

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