initial spate of spin-offs has occurred...


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Bigger funds in particular are likely to be the ones to benefit. If banks are forbidden to indulge in proprietary trading, their employees may decide to decamp to the hedge-fund industry. Indeed, bank traders have been typical founders of hedge-fund start-up. But once that initial spate of spin-offs has occurred, where will budding hedge-fund managers be able to prove their mettle?

(This comes from my English reading material and it seems to orginate from

1. Does "spin-offs" here mean "start-ups bank employees found"? (I know "spin-offs" means "a process of reorganizing a corporate structure whereby the capital stock of a division or subsidiary of a corporation or of a newly affiliated company is transferred to the stockholders of the parent corporation without an exchange of any part of the stock of the latter.")

2. Does "budding hedge-fund managers" refer to those bank employees who found their own start-ups?

3. Does the blue part mean "once bank employees found their own hedge-fund start-ups, they will not have business to do"? If yes, why will they have no business to do?

Thanks in advance!
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