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  1. HyeeWang Senior Member

    This information listed below was provided on the student's 2010-2011 OSAP application. If any of the information is incorrect,please change the information by crossing out the preprinted information and printing the correct information beside it. You must initial the change and then sign the consent and declarations on the front and back.

    Hi. This is a student loan application.
    What is the meaning of "initial the change"? What is difference between "initial the change" and "sign the consent and declarations"? Thanks.
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    "Initial the change" means write your initials (HW) by whatever information you have changed. "Signing the consent and declarations" asks you to sign the consent and declaration forms, which you usually do at the bottom of the form.
  3. HyeeWang Senior Member

    Thanks. I almost got it. But still a little about "Signing the consent and declarations" confused. It is ambiguous.
    In normal condition,without any change,I have signed "the consent and declarations" in the specific location of application form.
    A few days later, I want change some information. Where should I sign "the consent and declarations" again? No specific location.
  4. owlman5

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    I might be wrong here, Hyee Wang, but I don't think you'll have to sign those forms again if you've already signed them. My guess is that you only need to make the changes and initial them. It would be a good idea to verify this with the organization that you are applying to.
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    You are correct here. If the form is 100% correct then you just sign it in the place indicated.

    If the form has errors:
    Normally, when you receive a form to sign, you may find errors on it. If there are errors, you can correct them with a pen and put your initials next to it. This is a common legal way of indicating that you made those changes and agreed to those changes.

    "Sign the consent and declaration" ... the "Consent and declaration" refers to the main form itself. It is where you put your complete signature and often need to print your name below it as well with a date.

    I'm not sure that you can change the form AFTER you have signed it. It may not be an issue if you haven't given the authority a copy of it yet. If you have handed the form back and then afterward realised that there was an error, you would probably be best to ask for a new form and have them destroy the old one.

  6. HyeeWang Senior Member

    thank you all. I have got your idea.

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