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    This is an extract of Going Dutch by Katie Fforde.

    Dora laughed. 'I think Karen would be proud to think that you've discovered your inner bitch.'

    ‘Karen might be, but I'm not. She's just a child, I shouldn't be making unkind remarks about her.’

    Please give me the meaning of "inner bitch". Thanks.
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    This may help with discovering your inner X.
    "You hold multiple identities in your life, each with their own sets of socially defined values, visions, expectations, etc. These may not directly conform with what you represent."
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    'Bitch' is the correct name for a female dog, but it is commonly used as an insult meaning a really unpleasant woman. "Inner " means 'inside' in this case inside a person. It's very often used along with "find your +(something good or desirable)". "Find your true inner beauty!", for example. So the idea that somebody should be proud of finding ( discovering) something very nasty inside themself is rather amusing. The person in question presumably behaved untypically - she is usually kind.


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