inner vessel coil

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    Context: This term is located on a MRI form which serves to determine if the patient has metal in/on his body or other things/reasons for not doing the MRI or for using special measures to realize it. I do not know what this object is.

    If you can, please provide the medical term and a layman's explanation.

    Thank you.

    Term: inner vessel coil

    Muchas Gracias!
  2. fsabroso

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    I think it refers to the wire used in cath lab, but they just serve as a guide during the procedure and it's taken out when the procedure is done. i don't know why it appears in that form; besides a lay person won't even know what it is to answer the question.
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    Creo que se refiere a un tratamiento que se usa principalmente para un aneurisma de cuello ancho. Se puede leer más sobre este tema en Medica Agosto 1998/articulo_003.htm o En inglés, en esta página:
    Yo casi siempre lo traduzco "espiral" para no dejarlo en inglés. En este caso, "espiral al interior del vaso".
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    I agree with gringoloko, that seems the most likely meaning, but I wonder if the original English was quoted accurately. "Inner vessel coil" does not sound right. "Intravessel coil" or "intravascular coil" would be better names for what we think this refers to.
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    Voy a quedarme con espiral intravascular, y luego, obviamente tener que explicarle al paciente lo que es mas o menos. Pero, si me ayudaron maestros. Gracias!

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