Innit to Winnit


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Innit to Winnit is the title of a website header to inform subscribers to a pay satellite television about a competition. They have to be in it to win. The text goes on then to explain that people that have been subscribing to the service for 3 month or more will automatically be entered in a monthly draw, and that all their details must be correct so they can be contacted to receive their prizes.
Alternatively this also serves to draw in new subscribers...

my effort was "Entrez pour Gagner"
but my client feels we need to improve on that

there is also
S'abonner pour Gagner " but it's not as catchy...

"Soyez Connecté pour pouvoir gagner" this sentence the client feels is more to the point, but it's not catchy enough...
Must be catchy!
Any suggestions please?
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