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Lai, who made a name for himself at FINDS as one of the city's premier cocktail experts specializing in the art of molecular mixology, has crafted a sufficiently safe but innovation-nodding menu-- perfectly placed, really, for HK's nascent cocktail tastes--that's intended to touch the five senses. Source:

Does 'innovation-nodding' mean slightly innovative?
Please help. Thank you.
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    Well... almost... "to give a nod to" means "to acknowledge in passing" / "to casually acknowledge"/ "to signal that you are aware [of something]"

    So, "a sufficiently safe but innovation-nodding menu" = "a sufficiently safe menu that casually acknowledges innovation" or "a sufficiently safe menu shows that Lai is aware of innovation."

    This is to be distinguished from "to give
    the nod to something" = to agree to something.


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    I suppose it could be interpreted as either:
    (1) which gives a nod to = 'which is slightly acquainted with', i.e. 'slightly innovative'
    (2) which gives the nod to = 'which totally acknowledges', i.e. 'wholly innovative'

    Whichever it is, I don't find it at all clear:(
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