"Innovation that excites" & "Exciting Innovation"


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I found this catchphrase of Nissan, a Japanese car company.

"Innovation that excites"

Would it have totally different meaning, if it was simply "Exciting Innovation" ?

Is there any nuance gap between "Innovation that excites" and "Exciting Innovation"?


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  • "Nuance gap" is an understatement - it is "a different meaning". You must understand that the company is selling dreams, not cars, and the emotional appeal and value of the slogan has to be very high. No! Wait! - It has to be perfect. :thumbsup:

    "Innovation that excites" = "This is innovation (something new, technical, and shiny) that will excite everyone and particularly you and it will do it forever." -> this is how you sell cars and dreams. ;)

    "Exciting innovation" -> either "it is dedicated to exciting innovation", or "Innovation that is exciting... I'm not sure to whom... perhaps to us... perhaps to you..."

    "Exciting" is an overplayed adjective - I've even seen washing powder that is "exciting"...

    The people who think up these slogans are paid millions of Yen - they chose their words more carefully than you can imagine. If they have written "Innovation that excites" then you know it is exactly the right phrase and the CEO has approved it. He has approved it for a reason.