Input data chain, output data chain


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Hi! an happy New-Year to everyone

I would like to found an equivalent expression to " Chaîne d'acquisition" french

That mean all the compoments, like sensors, limit swich ... who are collecting datas from the outside of a system to bring them to the central unit

in the same way we have "Chaîne d'action" output data chain ? to control actuators.

Thanks for any help:
  • jean-marc62

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    I'm not sure too, what I need is more for a point of view 'analyse description' of an automated system.

    In automated system, two flows of data
    one control the actuators (output) in french "Chaîne d'action"
    and the other one collect data with sensors (input) in french "Chaîne d'acquisition"
    those two chains are dialoguing with the central unit

    Thank you Codina
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