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Hi all,

I'm translating a booklet for some linguistic trips in England aimed at young foreign students,
and at some point it says:

"Students have the chance to visit some
of the UK’s top academic tourist destinations and have an input into the sights they visit."

Does that mean that they have an "entry ticket" (i.e so they can physically get in) or that they are fed informations with regards to such sghts beforehand (so they know what it's all about) ?
Or something else ??

My try: "Les étudiants ont la chance de visiter quelques-unes des principales destinations touristiques du Royaume-Uni et bénéficient d'informations (préliminaires) sur les sites qu'ils visitent."

Thank you in advance for your ... input :confused:
  • joelooc

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    Je dirais:informations/ présentation/ commentaires. Mais mieux vaut attendre confirmation d'une(e) indigène.


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    In the given context, it's more that the students can help to make a decision about which sights to visit.
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