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It's this paragraph,

"As an analogy, think of a historical building that still stands and perhaps it’s more than a century old.
Had it not been cared for throughout the decades, the wear and tear of weather and constant use would
have certainly caused its deterioration and dilapidation. But with routine maintenance and occasional renovations, it not only withstood
the test of time but is likely celebrated for its beauty, significance, and prominence. The same holds true with your brain, which is just another structure of different components and input needs for general maintenance and upkeep."

I am not sure about "input needs" here.
Is "input" an adjective in this case?
Or it simply saying in a more elaborate way that brain also needs some maintenance and upkeep?
Any idea?
Book "Keep Sharp".

Thank you
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    Input functions as an adjective here, i.e. inputs that are necessary for the brain to act.

    Without any input, you cannot control what you do, For example, in order to raise your arm, the brain must receive a sensory signal (=an input) before it can respond to your command.

    (Where this command comes from and in what sense the brain is conscious is another question. :))
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    It's all very well, but still not quite clear in this context.
    According to the sentence, these "input needs" serve for general maintenance and upkeep or not?
    "Inputs that are needed for general maintenance and..."?
    Something seems off in this sentence.
    Thank you, e2efour!


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    You have correctly quoted input needs. These needs may be internal or external stimuli.
    The term input needs is not a technical term, it just means necessary inputs. The book is written by a brain surgeon.

    According to the book, the brain needs certain stimuli for its general upkeep. Some stimuli or inputs make the brain sharper.
    To quote further:
    ... your brain is also a highly sensitive antenna taking in millions of stimuli every day, and how we process these inputs can make a world of difference when it comes to a sharper brain.​
    Your brain can be strengthened by what you experience, like a good workout, or it can be battered and defeated​