1. olvidadero Senior Member

    Spain (Spanish)

    Can 'insane' have a positive meaning, like 'it was insane = extraordinary, incredible, fantastic'?

    This is the sentence: In this audition, everyone was insane, so I asked him to pull back.

    Does 'insane' means just 'crazy' in this context, or could it be something positive? Could I say 'la audición fue una locura'?

  2. Solbrillante Senior Member

    Buenos días. I would guess that the word insane is being used in this particular sentence to mean something along the lines of crazy, out of control, completely mad, or any other descriptive word that would show mass confusion!
  3. olvidadero Senior Member

    Spain (Spanish)
    Thank you, solbrillante. Then, do you think 'la audición fue una locura' sounds good?
  4. Solbrillante Senior Member

    Yes, I think it gives the same description!
  5. olvidadero Senior Member

    Spain (Spanish)
    Thank you!!!
  6. Artemis60 Senior Member

    Yo diría <<en la audición todo el mundo estaba loco>>. <<Insane>> no es adjetivo de <<audition>>, en esta frase, sino de <<everyone>>.

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