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"Is he insane to swim in the sea in January?"

Can we use the preposition "to" with "the adjective "insane"?

Thank you
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    At first it sounded odd to me, but now it doesn't :D. Anyway, I'd add that: Is he that insane to swim in the sea in January.


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    It's not a preposition. It's the particle "to" which marks the full infinitive of the verb. Compare with "To swim in cold water is insane".

    There is nothing wrong with your sentence. Adding "that" changes the meaning.


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    I'm not sure whether I have grasped the meaning, as I find the sentence ambiguous.

    Does it have the meaning Parla gives it in #4? Or is it saying "This person swims in January, but does that make him insane?"


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    The original sentence, although grammatical, sounds a bit odd since people don't ask about whether someone is insane in this way.
    They are more likely to use the wording in the example below.

    Instead I would expect to hear He must be insane/mad/crazy to go swimming in the sea in January.
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