Inscribirse en la Universidad


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Argentina; Spanish
Hello, hello everybody!
I'm writing a letter and I want to say el mes que viene debo inscribirme en la universidad. Is it correct to say I must enroll at University next month? :eek: How can I say las inscripciones estan abiertas a partir del 12 de noviembre?.

Regards, C'mere.​
  • "To enrol, to enter University, to matriculate" are all three correct (according the dictionary). To enrol is less used the the two others (according Google).
    It has been a while since I have been in school, but, to me, "Registration" refers to individual classes, "enrollment" refers to the institution.

    Therefore "Enrollment is open after November 12" or "Enrollment begins..." would refer to those who want to enter the university (probably for the next term/year)
    "registration... " would refer to those enrolled students who are choosing their classes.