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    I'm doing a tourist guidebook piece on a city/town for my Italian written language class and I have chosen Larnaca. I was going through my pictures from holidays there and found a photo I could use for when I mention "the spread of Christianity by Lazarus". I was wondering if anyone could make out what is written on this column I took a picture of in a museum there so I can quote it and explain it in the guide? I don't remember any words on the other side of it and there was more than one I took pictures of with the same inscription so Ι'm sure the view we have of it is complete.

    My attempt at deciphering it (or at least what can be seen in the image) is: ΕΥΤΥΧΙΑΝ ΧΡΗΣΤΕ ΧΑΙΡΕ = Praise Christ in happiness???

    That's probably completely wrong but it's my best at this time of the night!

    Hope someone can help! I haven't done Ancient/Classical Greek for 3 years now! cyprusinscriptioncolumn.jpg
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    ΧΡΗΣΤΕ is vocative singular of the masculine adjective χρηστός, which means virtuous, decent. ΧΑΙΡΕ is a salutation.(imperative).
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    Alfie, in case you are not aware, it would be worthwhile to check out the discussion at Lexilogia.

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