insensitive or unpopular?

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Hi to everybody!!
In the following dialogue which adjective would you use between insensitive and unpopular?

---Martin upsets people sometimes with things he says. He can be a bit……..

I think unpopular is correct. Would it work?

Thanks for your help.
  • The Newt

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    The fact that he says things that upset people is what makes him insensitive.

    Being insensitive (like many other things) could lead to him being unpopular, of course, but that's secondary.


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    It is not a very natural thing to say. We'd usually just say 'He is a bit unpopular' (remember, 'can' means 'is able to'. People don't generally try deliberately to be unpopular.)


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    "Insensitive" describes behavior by an individual. It is something he does.

    "Unpoplular" describes how others treat an individual. It is something that happens to him.
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