"insert national perspective"


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I have a questionnaire with a subtitle "insert national perspective", what does it mean?

How would you define "insert" in this situation?

When I looked in Google for it I received only one hit. The phrase looks strange to me.
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    If you had looked in a dictionary, you would have seen,
    insert: verb, 
    1. to put or place in: e.g. to insert a key in a lock.
    2. to introduce or cause to be introduced into the body of something: e.g. to insert an extra paragraph in an article.


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    We need more context, dharma88.

    Tell us something about the questionnaire. Who is sending it out? What sort of information does it request?

    If this is the subtitle, what is the title?
    Or, is this a label telling you what to write in a blank?


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    The questionnaire is about public health. The title is "The Needs Assessment Questionnaire".

    "insert national perspective" - is a subtitle.

    Why is "insert" used in this situation? Could it be replaced with "give" or something else?
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