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Come si dice "inserto" in inglese, inteso come inserto di un quotidiano? C'è un termine diverso per inserto volantino, inserto pubblicitario, inserto rivista e inserto libro?
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    Ciao Marziotta,
    ecco cosa ho trovato:
    inserto: s.m. file, dossier; (fascicolo di giornale) insert, inset; (di cinema, tv) commercial: hai visto il nuovo - del giornale?, have you seen the new insert of the newspaper?; - pubblicitario, advertising insert; - economico, economic insert.



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    The colour magazine that comes with a sunday newspaper is usually called a supplement. Nowadays weekend broadsheets mostly have several sections. The irritating advertisments that fall out are called flyers.

    We don't usually talk about inserts; although that may be used as a technical term I don't know.