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    Dear forum users,

    I am trying to translate a child prodigy's TED conference speech, and I just could not translate one sentence. It seems a bit long but I wanted to show you the context. The only sentence I could not get is the one with bold and italic letters. I could not find any specific meaning for "insider's knowledge".
    Could you help me to understand the sentence clearly?
    Thanks in advance

    "Now, when you think of glass, you might think of colorful Chihuly designs or maybe Italian vases, but kids challenge glass artists to go beyond that into the realm of broken-hearted snakes and bacon boys, who you can see has meat vision. Now, our inherent wisdom doesn't have to be insiders' knowledge. Kids already do a lot of learning from adults, and we have a lot to share. I think that adults should start learning from kids."
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    "Insider's knowledge" is information known only to people on the "inside," to people who are part of an organization or who do a special job. People who aren't members of that group or who do that job, outsiders, don't have access to that information.

    I assume the speaker is trying to show or teach his audience how to access the sort of creativity to which we think only children have access.

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