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Hi everyone,

A quick question regarding the subjunctive tense.

I wish to use "pour autant que" in a sentence. Normally, it is followed by the subjunctive. However, I wish to employ the future tense after it - is this ok?

The phrase -

En outre, le recueil a une signification thématique pour autant que les poèmes réactualiseront les expériences.....

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    Thank you. I think I have confused the meaning of pour autant que. Doesnt it mean insofar as? In which case the sentence would read as follows in English -

    Moreover, the collection will have thematique significance insofar as the poems will bring to life the experiences of....

    What would be a correct use of 'pour autant que'?



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    Pour autant que je sache = as far as I know

    apart from "pour autant que je sache", which is a common, or "pour autant que je puisse en juger", I can't find so many examples of that phrase

    what is also common is "pour autant" ex :Je l'aime. Pour autant, je ne le suivrai pas au bout du monde = however /for all that (?)
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