inspect/search a vehicle

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Hello everybody

At the border, some border agents inspected/searched my car for security reasons.

Can I use either of these verbs?

I'm looking forward to hearing your opinion.

  • Florentia52

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    What exactly are the agents doing to your car? Are they looking inside it to see if you're smuggling drugs, or checking its mechanics to see if it it can be operated safely?


    Sixties Mod
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    In that case, you need "At the border, some border agents searched my car". :)

    I wouldn't personally describe the detection of drug smuggling as being "for security reasons", although in recent years the use of that phrase has been expanded to include all sorts of things that are only vaguely related to "security".

    The Newt

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    I also would use "searched." At least in the US, "inspect" with reference to cars is something mechanics do to make sure your car is compliant with safety and emissions standards.
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