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    Which one is the correct concept or phrase in Hungarian to describe the impulse of artistic creation? In English is "inspiration", but I wonder more for that strong feeling of absortion in artistic creation. For exemple, in Spanish one can say: "arrebato creativo", the translation of this in English would be: "creative outburst".
    So, I only found the concepts of "belégzés" and "ihlet", but I am not sure. Thanks for the help.
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    Belégzés is only the physical act of inhaling air, taking air into your lungs. Nothing to do with art.
    Ihlet is inspiration, a source of artistic creativity. This is not like an outburst. Outburst would be literally "kitörés" but we don't use it in this context. I don't have one word to describe what you mean. Maybe others do.
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    Although it's less intense but "kreatív pillanat" (creative moment) came to mind.

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