Inspire somebody with an idea

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A friend if mine created a WhatsApp group for all his private students. I liked the idea, so I created a group for my students.
Can I tell him:
Thank you. You inspired me with this idea.
I don't want to say "you inspired me" because I think it's too general. I want to say that I got this idea from you.

Thank you
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    I'd be far more likely to say "You gave me a great idea". "You inspired me with this idea" to me doesn't mean that I in fact used the idea I got from you. I'd be saying that your idea inspired me to do something similar but not the same (You inspired me so I set up a Facebook page).


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    This idea was inspired by you.

    But really, “inspired” doesn’t really fit because you did the same thing.

    I would say:

    I got the idea from you!

    or (playfully) I stole your idea!
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