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Hi, guys.

This is one of the manly test question from the article "What's your man score" of 'Men's Health'.

22. Neal Cassady Inspired a character in which book?
[A] The Road
On the Road
[C] Fearand Loathing in Las Vegas

The answer for this question is B.

What does it mean in the context by 'Inspired a character'.
My understanding is it means 'give life to a character'. Is this right understanding?
  • boozer

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    I take it that the author of the book created a character that acted like Neal Cassidy, i.e. Neal Cassidy is the character's prototype, i.e. Neal Cassidy is the real-life equivalent of the character in question.

    Language Hound

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    Just confirming what Suzi and Boozer have said.
    In fact, the character named Dean Moriarty in On the Road is modeled after Neal Cassady.
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