Install supplementary framing, blocking, and bracing...


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I have a question regarding how i could translate some construction terms into spanish.

The Context:
Instructions on installing steel framing, general.

Install supplementary framing, blocking, and bracing at terminations in gypsum board assemblies to support fixtures, equipment services, heavy trim, grab bars, toilet accessories, furnishings, or similar construction.

My Take:
Instale el armazón suplementario, blocking, and bracing al momento de terminación en el montaje para tabla de yeso para soportar enseres fijos, equipo de servicio, reborde grueso, barrotes para agarrar, accesorios de baño, accesorios, o construcción similar.

Your Help:
I would really appreciate help with the terms above in bold, I have no idea how to use them. Also, if you have suggestions for the rest of the text, I would appreciate it.

Thank You.
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    Andre Luis, I must say that your post has really helped me. Not only with these terms but with my whole project. Thank You!!! Not just a little, but a lot.

    Even though its the only post I have received, its the only one I need.

    I'm not exaggerating.

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