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I know it is important to give context when asking a question, but the context is exactly what I am confused about. As background, I am translating PowerPoint slides for coastal security officers to use in an orientation class. The context is military. The words "installation" and "facility" are used interchangeably in the slides.

For example, "Manage incidents at port installations" in one slide and then "Ensure that port facilities are in compliance" in the next slide.

So, my question is: are installations/équipements also interchangeable in French?

Thanks for any help you can offer.
  • Lépido

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    It could have the same meaning in some contexts.
    Installations sportives / équipements sportifs, for instance, but I would say there is a more "solid", "static" meaning in "installations", and a more "temporary" meaning in équipements. You could probably say that you can put the équipements in place or take them away easily, whereas "installations" (in French) would mean fixed equipment, that cannot so easily be removed. "équipements" can apply to clothes or shoes, but not "installations". I don't know if this helped?