installed in a relationship


Hi, everyone:

You're securely installed in a relationship, marching through life, keeping your nasal hairs decently trimmed. Then boom! You hear a song and know that the composer has seen into your soul. Or you wake up, bleary with jet lag, in a city you've never seen before and feel you've come home. Or the wretched little mess of a kitten you just saved from drowning begins to purr in your arms.

I think the underlined part means "you" are dating with someone. And you think your life will go smoothly as you expect. Everything will fall into its place. But suddenly, you find yourself fall in love with someone else who enters into your life.

I wonder if "relationship" here means "a relationship with a person" in particular.

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  • Dimcl

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    Yes, "relationship" here means with a person, Hly. The underlined part, however, simply means that you have a loved one in your life, you are moving forward with your life and everything is tidy. Nowhere does it imply that you find yourself falling in love with someone else. Can you say why you arrived at that conclusion? Is there more context that we're not aware of, please tell us. Do the other references relate to further context that would tell us that you've fallen in love with someone else?
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