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I came across the word 'instalment' in a Guardian article, where it is used as,
But he admitted he hated certain instalments, because...
Radcliffe singled out the sixth instalment Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince from 2009 because, he said: "I'm just not very good in it. I hate it."
in the sense that refers to
a portion of something that is issued, broadcast, or published in parts, such as a serial in a magazine

So there are 8 instalments in the Harry Potter film serial (or series). An instalment is to a film serial as an episode is to a television drama series. Am I right? Can I say 'Harry Potter is an eight-part film series'?
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    You can say 'Harry Potter is an eight-part film series'.

    Instalment is used much less frequently for film series than episode is for television series. We would more often just say 'film', but it is correct to say instalment.


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    Thank you, Mole144. I also found in this article that films are also used in the individual sense as you said:
    The eight Harry Potter films, all starring Radcliffe, have taken more than $7.7bn (£4.6bn) at the global box office.