Instituto Superior Tecnológico / Técnico Superior Universitario en Contabilidad

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    Hello everybody!

    I am trying to translate a resume and I have my doubts about this expression: "Instituto Superior Tecnológico Argentina" and the "grado obtenido" is "Técnico Superior Universitario en Contabilidad". This kind of higher studies is common in Peru for persons who studies during three years for any technical specialization, but it is not a University of 4 or 5 years where students get B.A.

    I wrote Technical Institute Argentina and University Technician of Accounting.

    Thanks for your help,

  2. frida-nc

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    Hello Helen,
    You could give the school name in Spanish, then translate it as "Argentina Institute of Technology." You can also give the Spanish degree, then call it Senior Accounting Technician, University Level.
  3. Helenpb

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    Venezuela, español
    Dear Frida:

    Thanks a lot for your answer. Now, I'll edit the expression.

    Best regards,


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