instrucciones de ciclo (Python)


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I do not know how to translate this into English. The problem is I am not familiar at all with IT concepts, so guessing/inferring is not a choice for me.

Resultados de Aprendizaje

Al final del curso, los estudiantes deben ser capaces de:

  1. Escribir código claro, robusto y eficiente en Python usando:
Instrucciones secuenciales, condicionales y de ciclo.

Google Translate says it could be loop commands, but I cannot be sure, could you please help me?

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    In this context, the appropriate word is indeed "loop".

    Sequential, conditional and loop instructions.

    In this side of the ocean, we use bucle more than ciclo.
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    Disclaimer: I have been a programmer but I am not a Python expert.
    As fa as I can read, the appropriate term in Pyton would be "statements", while "commands" or "instructions" would not be.
    Read here: 2. Lexical analysis — Python 3.10.1 documentation
    Other languages might use "commands", instructions", etc., but here you are asking about Python.