Insulation materials and Isolation materials

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    Are insulation materials the same to isolation materials?
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    Hello sregiter,

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    It is unlikely that the terms are always interchangeable, though they may be in certain contexts. Please give us the sentence in which you saw these terms, or in which you think they may be interchangeable.

    (If it is a sentence you saw somewhere else, please tell us where. We ask you to name the source of every quotation. )
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    Thanks, Cagey.

    I would like to know what the isolation material is. for the query for 'isolation material' the Google Search gives many pages describing 'insulation material' without any caution.
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    Please give us the context in which you saw "isolation material."
    I assume that you are asking the question because you have seen it somewhere. 
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    Please find page 30 in the following file: ECHA(2010) Chapter R.12: User descriptor system Version 2
    I am sorry but it is 'isolation article' not 'isolation material'.

    Please find the file through the Google Search using 'isolation material IR-CSA R.12' as query key words.
    This system does not allow me, a new member to post links.
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    You can copy these things for us ... in the title, the word use refers to the description system for the uses (utilization) of substances. Use is not a verb.

    Under REACH each manufacturer and importer of substances which require an exposure assessment will have to develop, assess and communicate exposure scenarios, covering the entire life cycle of the substance. For these purposes he needs to map out all the uses of his substance.

    Categories of material based articles
    Stone, plaster, cement, glass and ceramic articles
    Examples: Glass and ceramic article: e.g. dinner ware, drinking glasses, pots, pans, food storage containers; construction and isolation articles; natural or artificial abrasive powder or grain, on a base of textile material, of paper, of paperboard or of other materials
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    Did you check the word "isolate" in the WRF dictionary at the top of the page?

    As Cagey said earlier
    The answer to your original question
    As you can see, the answer is "Sometimes".
  10. sregiter New Member

    Thank you, all,

    I understand insulation materials are sometimes called isolation materials.

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