integridad física

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  1. happy52 Senior Member

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    Could you please help me with this one? "Pero en el formulario – en realidad eran dos (creo recordar que no se refería a cuestiones económicas y de inmigración y el otro a aspectos más bien morales y políticos) – había, para mi persona, otra cuestión; algo que para la inmensa mayoría no tiene importancia pero que para mí tiene mucha: la integridad física del cuerpo, la cuestión de signos o defectos corporales que puedan llegar a significar específicamente una persona y creo que, en parte, debido a enfermedades ocultas o latentes." Sorry for the amount of text but in previous occasions, I've often been asked for more, to be able to understand the real meaning... I have a feeling this would be one of those cases.:) Thanks a million!
  2. Mirlo

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    The body "Physical Integrity".
    ¿No sé si lo que quieres es traducirlo al inglés?

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  3. happy52 Senior Member

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    Sí, Mirlo, es exactamente lo que quiero hacer. Perdón por no aclararlo...
    Saludos, Charlie
  4. Laura Maria Senior Member

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    Happy 52, did you find an anwer to this? I find I now have the same question.
  5. happy52 Senior Member

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    Hi Laura María: Yes, the term seems to be "physical integrity". My only fear was going into "Spanglish," but now I'm 99% sure it's correct English.
    All the best and good luck, Charlie
  6. Cuquilu Member

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    I realize that this is an old post. But I think physical wellbeing would be a better translation of this. Please comment! Thanks.
  7. dg_spain

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    Hi, Cuquilu--Checking this post myself, I've seen your question and I don't agree. "Physical wellbeing" is not the same thing--"integrity" means wholeness, that all the parts are accounted for, whereas "wellbeing" is more related to "bienestar", a feeling.

    Here the author seems to be talking about a form that asks questions about the physique, but questions that might reveal a defect or disease through its manifestations in the body. They ask whether the body is whole and in good condition, but that's different than going as far as saying "wellbeing".

    I hope this isn't too muddled!
  8. G-rock Member

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    I've found this phrase in the context of the dangers of farming machinery and am opting to translate it as "physical safety".
  9. Jim986

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    In the context of human rights in general and occupational hazard prevention in particular, the correct term is physical integrity, the opposite of being exposed to bodily harm. Bodily harm does not necessarily involve actual loss of a limb or part of the body, but refers to any kind of injury caused by factors inherent in the job position (burns, cuts, bruising, electric shock, damage to the eyes or hearing, etc.). In the field of human rights it refers to the fundamental right of all people to the free use of their body, i.e. freedom from forced labour, slavery, sexual exploitation, etc.
  10. Chelle62099 Member

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    I agree with physical well-being.


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