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“Why not one of your people?” I crooked a thumb in Graham’s direction. “Or his people, for that matter.”
“Oh, I’m coming along as well,” Graham said. “Not as a bodyguard, though, but as an intelligence asset.

This is from the novella Einstein's Shadow. I'm a private eye, Graham is a cop. Acoording to its plot, we will escort Einstein to America by a plane. While I play as his bodyguard, Graham never get close to him, just watch developments from a distance.

So can anyone tell me what intelligence asset mean here? Someone who gives advice and suggestions?

Thank you!
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    "Intelligence asset" in this context would mean that the subject is a tool used for gathering information. "Intelligence" can be used to mean "information that is secret". So the information that a spy would collect on the job would be called "intelligence" and is sometimes shortened to "intel".
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