Intense feeling of sleepiness



How would you describe an intense feeling of sleepiness idiomatically?
Would you say:

I am feeling a intense sleep.
I am dead sleepy.
I am very much sleepy.
I cannot stop closing my eyes.

Thanks a lot
  • Barque

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    Your second option works.

    (Your third is grammatically correct but awkward. Your first isn't natural and the fourth sounds as if there's something wrong with your eyelids.)

    Also, I can't keep my eyes open.

    Or more simply, I'm very sleepy.


    Thank you both, sirs

    I wonder if I'm tired could really mean I'm feeling sleepy. (If people say they are tired, they don't really mean they are sleepy, do they?) Also, can you tell me an informal or colloquial AmE/BrE expression to say the same thing?


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    British English (Sussex)
    In English, "tired" may mean "fatigued", but it may mean "sleepy". Context should make it clear. "I'm tired" very often means "I'm feeling sleepy", and I would say that it's more likely to be used than the latter.

    It's very late; I'm so tired. (sleepy)
    I cannot stop closing my eyes. I'm tired, I can't keep my eyes open - I think I'll go to bed.
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