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Dalton had felt like it was him against the world for most of his life—before Penelope killed herself and especially after. I willingly took some of the load off him, willingly stepped into his pain to suffer alongside him. I wanted to be the kind of friend and brother who would lay down his life for his friends and Dalton did too. We were intentional with one another.
This excerpt comes from the novel Whiskey & Ribbons by Leesa Cross-Smith

I've never seen intentional standing on its own when referring to people like this before. Shouldn't there be a noun or a verb somewhere, like an action or an event that happened intentionally? What does it mean when two people were being intentional with one another?
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    "Intentional" seems to be jargon used by couples therapists.

    Talking about a "marriage retreat":

    Many of the couples indicated they were coming to the retreat to enhance their already strong connections. It was about being intentional. [...] Their marriages are a priority and they are practicing preventative maintenance. Instead of waiting for some crises to bring them into a counseling situation, their proactive stance will help them in weathering storms that are bound to come their way.

    Being Intentional in Your Marriage - Charis Counseling Center
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