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  1. damiovi New Member

    Hello, I am interested in sharing and finding out about teaching resources for tablets like iPads around the world.

    How would you say in Japanese, "an interactive school science textbook"?
  2. frequency

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    Tokyo, Japan
    U~m that depends on which science field you're mentioning, though..Try search with 理科 学習書 or 理科 参考書. We don't use 'interactive' very much. You may need to browse each content when you want to check that it's interactive or not. If you can't get good results, post again.
  3. Tonky Senior Member

    Not really sure about "science" ones, but as for "interactive textbooks", we call it インタラクティブ教材, 対話型教材, 双方向型教材, eラーニング教材 and so on. Kyushu University library has this educational resource center called ICER and they combine the terms and call them as 双方向型のインタラクティブな電子教材.
    ※教材 = teaching materials

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