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Hi, everyone.

I'm working on a bunch of texts about how the Luxembourg legal system works. One talking about sentencing mentions an "interdiction de cabaret" (right next to "interdiction de conduire", which is "driving ban"). I can't wrap my head around what this might be. A ban on staging a cabaret?!! On opening/owning a nightclub or similar establishment? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Any help enormously appreciated.

P.S. See here for an example.
  • uvrockgod

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    Sorry, folks - wasting everybody's time. It IS actually a ban on opening or working in a "drinking establishment". The definition's right there.

    Source: Toute personne, résidente comme non résidente, condamnée par les juridictions pénales luxembourgeoises à une peine d’emprisonnement ou à une autre peine (par exemple une interdiction de conduire, une amende, l’interdiction d’exercer des fonctions et emplois publics, interdiction de cabaret - ouvrir un établissement de débit de boisson ou y travailler -) peut introduire une demande en grâce.

    Reviewed translation: Any resident or non-resident who has been sentenced by the Luxembourg criminal courts to imprisonment or another penalty (e.g. a driving ban, fine, a ban on holding public office or working in the civil service, a ban on opening or working at a drinking establishment) may submit an application for reprieve.

    To be clear, this is somebody else's translation which I'm reworking as a reviewer. The original translation said "prohibition on cabaret", which sent me off in search of a definition. Any comments on the finished product are welcome, and I hope this thread is helpful to any future translators wondering what on Earth this is.
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